Although most of the blog posts I have written are in Dutch, I have managed to write a couple in English. I probably should do more. Anyway, here they are collected on one overview page.

Essentials in (science) communication: ‘So what?’ (the basics)

A scientist guide to ‘newsworthy’ – when do you contact your local communication department? (maybe not with that poster prize…)

University webpage or personal website, that is the question (this was a question in 2012, and surprisingly, it still is; my answer is also still the same)

Nothing in communication makes sense… (communication squeezed into The Dobzhansky Template: So What?)

Scientific storytelling with Instagram (and nowadays, we at TU Delft have our own story platform)

Big fan of #tweetprop (didn’t really get off the ground, but still a great idea)

#sciencegirlthing blogs (2012, anyone remember this?)